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Local produce,
straight from farms

Small in origin, simple in values, soul in every taste

Organic products,
sold since generations

Fresh produce, straight from the farm and into your food

Pure tea,
sourced locally

Fine handcrafted tea grown indigenously with immense health benefits

Reflect, enjoy the stillness, savour the moment. Arunika’s teas are an ode to your senses.

Varieties of Arunika Teas

Green Tea

Fragrant tea with hints of wild flowers and a smoky flavor
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Black Tea

Black tea, strong in flavour and with a heady aroma
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Robust and full bodied, it is a strong blend of CTC and organic leaves
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Savor our teas,
Become a part of us.

Arunika Fresco sources handcrafted tea, produced locally, grown organically and retailed internationally. Freshness, authenticity and purity define our food.


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February 25, 2018

Ever wondered what makes black tea different from green tea? Is it simply the color and taste of it, or is there something more? Well, both the teas are produced from the same tea plant. At the of time plucking the tea leaves from the plant…

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February 24, 2018

Green tea is more hydrating than coffee because of its water composition, it is aromatic and come in flavors of different tastes. Experimenting different tastes and aromas of green tea should be enough to shut the boredom out of your life.

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October 18, 2017

Tea was originally consumed by the Chinese as a medicinal drink. It then became popular as a recreational drink during the Chinese Tang Dynasty. Fast forward to the 17th century, tea drinking became a fashion in Britain.

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People love our tea, and here’s what they have to say…


Sarah North

“I’ve never been a big tea drinker, and started with organic green teas on recommendation from family. Arunika tea is fresh, fragrant and I can feel the difference in my day when I drink it. “


Jeff Simpson

“Green tea from Arunika is fresh, well packed and have always received the package promptly. So far I’ve never had an issue when ordering from them.“


Britney Morgan

“Arunika has a variety of green teas, and I trust them since they’re doing this for a while now. The teas are fresh, make me feel fresh and what makes it even more attractive, are sourced from tea estates in North east. I’m happy to be contributing to their livelihood.“