Thank you for reaching out to us! Arunika Fresco takes pride in the freshness of our teas and we have a variety of premium, regular and organic handcrafted teas sourced from quality tea estates across the region.

We undertake the sourcing and tea selection, quality check, packaging and retailing of our products with utmost care and by experienced personnel. Partner with us to experience our quality for yourselves. Authentic, earthy and flavourful tea is what we promise!

Contact us for any specific requirement or query you may have. Whether you’re a wholesaler, distributor or retailer, we would love to associate with you to help us reach out to a discerning audience of this beloved beverage.

Head office

Arunika Fresco,
Makum Road, Tinsukia,
Assam – 786125.


+91 86383 97846