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October 18, 2017by M. Ammar0

The teas that we drink in India and around the world, they have interesting facts in common. From their origin to their popularity, the original tea plants and seeds have travelled far and wide across the globe, and into the homes of elites as well as to the common people.

1. Originated from China.

Tea originated from the South west part of China. The first ever historic record of tea comes from China in 59 BC, making it a 2100 years old, stimulating drink passed on from the ancient Chinese to the British elites to you and me.

2. Second most consumed drink in the world.

Tea is the second most widely consumed drink in the world, right after water, notes the British historian, Alan Macfarlane, in his co-authored book, Green Gold: The Empire of Tea. Alan was born into a British family of tea planters in Assam in the year 1941.

3. Tea smuggling.

You read that right. Tea was not affordable to the general public up until the 1700s. The tea smuggling during the 18th century led the British government to remove tax on tea, ultimately leading to the general public being able to afford and consume tea.

4. Tea introduction into India.

In an attempt to break the Chinese monopoly on the tea business, the British introduced tea into India and began to produce and sell the tea plants in large scale. Tea, however, was not widely popular in India until the India Tea Board carried out successful advertising campaign in the 1950s.

5. From medicinal drink to… everyday drink.

Tea was originally consumed by the Chinese as a medicinal drink. It then became popular as a recreational drink during the Chinese Tang Dynasty. Fast forward to the 17th century, tea drinking became a fashion in Britain. Not to mention it is an everyday drink in large parts of the world today.

6. From luxury to an everyday item.

Tea was initially consumed as a luxury drink on special occasions in Britain and Ireland. The price of tea in Europe fell when Indian teas began to arrive in large quantities. By the late 1800s, tea became an everyday item in all the levels of households.

7. How did the Darjeeling Tea come to be?

A British superintendent named Arthur Campbell started to grow tea plants near his residence in Darjeeling. What started out as an experiment by Arthur in 1841 and copied by others eventually became famous as the Darjeeling tea. Who wouldn’t want to drink the Darjeeling teas!

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