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Benefits of Tea

Healthy Intake

Research studies suggest a regular intake of tea helps in reducing the risk of heart attack, protects bones, lowers blood pressure and more.

Brain Booster

Not feeling upbeat? Try drinking a cup of our hand-crafted, aromatic tea, and simply feel how your brain gets back its cheery rhythm.

Anti-aging Property

Tea contains anti-oxidants which are known to protect us from damage from pollution, help our body-cells regenerate and slow down aging.

Stress Reducer

Drinking tea can help in dropping cortisol – a stress hormone, thereby helping you relax and reduce the effects of a stressful event.

Lesser Caffeine

Consuming tea, which contains a moderate amount of caffeine, can provide the benefits of coffee without the high levels of caffeine.

Tasty Drink

Variety of green tea, black tea, and chai, available with the added infusions of rose, lemon, chamomile, and Tulsi, tea is no less in taste.

Tea vs. Coffee

Hydrating your body

A regular cup of green or black tea consists of 99.99% water whereas coffee has comparatively much less water content. Hence tea, with its various, natural tea flavors, helps you hydrate your body much better than coffee.

Lower risk of cancer

Various research studies suggest a regular consumption of green or black tea lowers the risk of developing cancer, including esophageal, lung, liver and oral cancer. No such health benefit is found in drinking coffee.

Longer stimulating effects

While tea contains a lesser amount of caffeine than coffee, tea helps you go for a longer period of time than coffee, because the stimulants in coffee last shorter and drop quicker than tea, reducing your energy level.

Weight loss

Green tea provides 1 calorie per 100 ml serving. Even with its aromatic natural flavors such as rose, green tea is considered to be of help in weight-loss programs whereas coffee generally contains fattening contents.

Good for teeth

Fluoride, added to water, helps to reduce dental decay, and drinking more tea gives you more fluoride. And unlike drinking lot of coffee, drink more (but not too much) tea doesn’t give side-effects and is good for your teeth.

Protect bones

Tea contains catechins, a type of natural phenol and antioxidant. Regular consumption of tea is believed to help healthy bone formation and have stronger bones. Hence having a cup of tea can help you develop strong bones.