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Homegrown brand with
traditional roots

We represent an ideology, propagating an organic way of life. Our farmers choose how to live and grow what they eat, inspiring others to follow their path.

Based in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, the farms are located at the foot hills of pristine valleys and high altitude mountain ranges. We source teas that are earthy, flavorful and authentic, reflecting the places where they are sourced from.


Our process

Ancestral techniques and organic methods

Handpicked and packaged with maximum purity.

01 / Use


From cultivating to sourcing and packaging, every step is done organically, carefully and with minimal harm to the environment.

02 / Prepare


Our teas are picked, cleaned and packaged by hand to ensure minimal contamination, maximum purity and retain their original freshness.

03 / Get


Our products are shipped directly from our store in Arunachal Pradesh to places in India and abroad directly, eliminating the need for middlemen.

Our Values

“Authentic flavors, superior quality and familiar tastes“

Find the essence of our teas in the work of the hands that have nurtured them


Every product is pure, grown locally using traditional techniques and is packed with flavour and health.


Superior quality tea, packaged under stringent conditions with highest standards of sourcing and packaging.


Behind our products is the hard work of unsung people, who put quality over quantity, underlined by trust.

Our Team
The faces that bring to you the authentic and quality teas

Founder & CEO

Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu is the founder of Arunika Fresco. Being a child of the revered northeast Indian hill state, Arunachal Pradesh, he knows the brewing magic of the teas in here. While travelling on the hilly tracts, glancing on the tea gardens, he had his moment of reckoning. He decided to follow his true calling & Arunika Fresco is the result of that love for the teas that compelled him to leave his banking career and bring to you the handcrafted single estate teas.

Chief Marketing Officer

M.V Goutham, IIT Madras

Goutham heads the business development and marketing at Arunika Fresco. He has been involved in various projects bagging the National Championship SAUVE’2015. He has presented his projects at various global platforms in USA and Singapore. Being from a robust tech background and now he is keen to integrate with sustainable agriculture. Organic Teas, being a sunrise product, has always been his area of interest due to plethora of opportunities. Thus representing Arunika, his love for his vocation and teas have only grown higher.

Tea Consultant & Advisor

J K Mehrotra

JK Mehrotra takes care of Business Development and Management at Arunika Frescos. He has been in the tea business for many years, having started his career as an Assistant Manager with KANOI Group in Cachor, Assam. He has the knowledge and expertise to source quality teas as well as a business perspective on their packaging and retail.

Creative Head

Raahul Dubey

RAAHUL is the anchor head of the creativity team. An avid photographer and a writer, with his presence on various forums. He works on his imaginations to give them a life with the mantra “a picture worth thousand words, and words worth many pictures” . At Arunika Fresco, he looks after the content development, images and creative designs of the website and the products, making an already aromatic experience visually appealing.

Our commitment

Social Responsibility

For donations, please contact below:

Sir M. Vishweshwaraya Trust
Ongal Lepcha
+91 8867 9947 19


The curated organic teas you love and enjoy are the toil of hands that have been doing this since centuries. Arunika Fresco believes in giving back as much as we take, and therefore have partnered with social welfare organisation Sir M. Vishweshwaraya Trust in providing education and basic amenities to children from economically backward communities.

3% of the Arunika’s profit goes towards construction of school in Bangalore. The children’s education and living expenses are taken care of through the small contributions we make.

If you would love to contribute to them personally and ensure these children have a bright future, kindly contact Ongal Lepcha on +91 8867 99 4719. More details can be sent out to you by email when requested.

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